Statement with Regard to Personal Attacks on Councillor Pamela Kearns

We utterly condemn the personal attacks made on Councillor Pamela Kearns both at the Public Meeting on Tuesday 26 November and subsequently on Social Media. The plan to make significant changes to our Sex Education curriculum is an emotive topic, but that is no excuse for verbally abusing those with whom we may disagree. Councillor Kearns has clarified on social media that the point she was intending to make was that babies “explore their bodies”.

We believe that the vast majority of people in this country want what is best for children. The question of exactly what that is in relation to Sex Education is a divisive one, and resolution and compromise will not be possible unless people can speak freely without fear of being condemned or vilified.

Public discourse on this issue is badly needed and will not be encouraged by the personal abuse received by those who speak freely. Attempts to silence or intimidate anyone expressing their view on this topic are reprehensible and should be roundly condemned by all parties.

Let Kids Be Kids

4 thoughts on “Statement with Regard to Personal Attacks on Councillor Pamela Kearns

    1. We submit that the cowards in this situation are those who are launching personal attacks on Counsellor Pamela Kearns via anonymous social media accounts. Counsellor Kearns was an invited attendee at our meeting in her capacity as a local councillor. Although we may have disparate views on potential changes to Sex Education in this country, we stand by our condemnation of those involved in personal attacks on the Counsellor.


  1. Counsellor Pamela Kearns was brave and courageous enough to attend the 1st meeting of this group of concern parents and grandparents about the RSE been imposed on children with no opt out clause for concerned parents.
    Unfortunately there were some in the audience with no tolerance and acceptance of diversity of opinions.
    Overall the meeting was very informative and helpful with exposure to the danger of the potential of abuse by the said program.
    Well done to all involved in setting up the meeting.
    Thank you
    AnneMaire Condren RENUA


  2. Babies do not explore their bodies in those ways. There is no indifference. Schools shouldn’t teach very young children about pleasurable sexual acts in front of other children. It presents serious issues. People are entitled to be concerned about A TD making such horrific statements.


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